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Streaming TV solutions go beyond the ordinary. Offering affordable and effective packages, we provide commercial production, creative services, and full campaign management.

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Meet the Carpe Canum team – your CTV watchdogs. Our specialty is delivering direct-response streaming messages that hit the mark. Dive into our data, attribution, and hyper-targeting for precision commercials that leave a lasting impact.

We’ve been the top dog in crafting compelling local and national commercials for decades. Our diverse network of talent and expertise spans from the local neighborhood to global markets, ensuring you have the perfect team for your unique needs.

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Our precision takes the lead as we delve into your brand, audience, and industry – crafting commercials that truly resonate. Your brand isn’t just noticed; it commands the spotlight.

Journey to success.

At Carpe Canum, our process begins with a thorough brand discovery session, followed by expert execution of creative campaigns tailored to your needs. We then track and analyze campaign performance, providing actionable insights for success.

With a focus on collaboration, creativity, and measurable results, our process ensures impactful campaigns tailored to your unique needs.



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Fred Warder

Owner, Joe Homebuyer

I can say for a fact that my top 10 best contracts came directly from our CTV ads. Highly trackable and highly data-driven. They got us homes to purchase that I never would have found through any other marketing channel.

Christian Arquilla

Co-Founder, Pacas.com

We have seen a 3.5x return on our TV advertising spend so far, and are excited to continue to work together and produce new creative for next year!

Alison Mooradin

Marketing + Founding Team, Wildgrain.com

Scott and his team were so helpful in turning the assets we had for paid social into creatives optimized for CTV. Our CTV agency told us it was one of the strongest launches they had seen in terms of time it took to hit our CAC target. TY!

Adam Seguin

Partner, Myrtle Beach Home Buyers

CTV makes it easy to drive better leads and provide immediate follow-up with prospective clients who are genuinely interested in working with us. And we can easily adjust the campaign.

Lilia Brown

VP of Creative, Funsicle

Carpe Canum consistently delivers impactful content and exceeds expectations. Their focus on quality makes them our go-to production company.

Kapi Thomas

Director of Digital Sales, Lotus Digital

Working with Carpe Canum has been a game changer! Scott and his team produce great work combining the power of AI, with the polished touch of a professional editing staff. Our team at Lotus Communications is very pleased.

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